Crabby Kani Chips bring the saltiness of the sea to snacktime

With a hefty dose of seafood in the daily diet, it's no wonder why Japanese snack companies have turned to creatures of the sea for flavor inspiration. In some cases, these creations are a disaster (we're looking at YOU Salmon Puccho), but in the case of long-running Kani Chips (kani means crab), the fishy flavoring is a sucessful pairing of savory taste and crunchy texture.

Of all the sea dwelling animals, the crab is a classic crustacean known for its mild and refined taste. Never overly salty or pungent, the crab is a suitable flavoring for a chip.

(Notice the way we opened the bag… That's how we do it in Japan!)

The chips themselves are also notable. These are not your typical greasy potato chips. They are a high quality rice cake style chip, meaning that they are easy to gorge on without feeling lethargic or terrible about yourself.

While the typical mogmog reader may be skeptical about the world of seafood junkfood, we can't recommend these enough.