As autumn sets in, keep an eye out for these new Japanese treats this season!

September signals the start of fall, but in Japan it also means a new wave of snacks hitting store shelves across the country. Every month brings about a lot of new, delicious treats, but these are some of the highlights from the coming month. So start the autumn off right by hunting down these Japanese eats.

Hash Tartar Sauch Dip Chips -- This new line of potato-based chips is aimed at women, but this new, zesty flavor will win over anyone regardless of what the marketing says.

Osatsu Ottoto -- If you are looking for a little bit of a change next time you are hankering potato chips, reach for Morinaga's latest, made from purple sweet potatoes and boasting a vivid violet shade.

Vegips -- The Vegips line of snacks have always been a good choice for those feeling guilty about choosing chips at the local convenience store, featuring healthier nutritional value and a good vegetable taste. This new fall pack features sweet potato, carrot and burdock root chips, perfect for the season.

Tirol Choco Goma Dango -- This variety of Chinese sweet gathers sesame seeds together into a tasty dessert form. Tirol Choco Goma Dango assembles them into cool looking treats too, including a panda.

Black Koala No March -- One of Japan's favorite cookies, the bear-shaped Koala No March snack, gets a little darker with a new flavor featuring coco and milk. Expect a slightly more shaded bear, and a bit more sweetness to its taste.

Toppo Strawberry -- Speaking of long-running Japanese treats, the Toppo line of sweet snacks has a new strawberry flavor hitting shelves this season. If that's not enough for you, this one boasts of having "love flavor."

Sasha Matcha -- Green tea is a special go-to flavor for foods of all sorts in Japan, but this new sweet opts for a deep green coloring, making it stand out from the crowded matcha field.

Kinoko No Yama Apple & Milk -- Lots of classic Japanese snacks are rolling out interesting new flavor combinations for the fall. Kinoko No Yama's contribution to the fray? An apple and milk combo that not only sounds tasty, but makes for an interesting color combo.