New candy kit allows you to make classic Japanese snacks taiyaki and odango in a snap! All you need is water and a microwave.


Ever wanted to cook up your own Japanese traditional treats, but not sure where to start? Well, Kracie's newest installment in their Neru Neru no Happy Kitchen series makes your culinary dreams all the easier. All an aspiring chef needs to make fish-shaped taiyaki and odango -- two classic Japanese treats -- is a microwave and some water.

The small kit comes with everything you need -- and all the necessary instructions -- to cook up some mini-sized Japanese snacks. The end result is a taiyaki stuffed with chocolate cream and a sticky odango. The package also includes a bite-size strawberry treat and a ramune drink to wash it all down. You might not be able to open up your own store, but this will definitely serve as a good first step in your Japanese cooking adventures.