Gotta catch ‘em all… or at least we’ll start first with two Pokemon candy sets.

We can't quite count how many various incarnations there've been of Pokemon over it's 18+ year reign, but we're still trying to collect them all (all 721 as of writing this!). Now with Pokemon XY, that means a whole boat load of never-before-seen mythical creatures…. and Pikachu — you can never forget PIkachu.

Browsing the candy aisle at the supermarket the other day, we stumbled on these Pokemon candy + collector sets. A grand total of eight are available, and of those we opted for Arceus and Pikachu.

Behold, a small rubber model alongside a cheap, white lemon soda-flavored chew.

What's great about these is the insides are hollowed out, making for great finger puppets — if that's your kind of thing.

Other available Pokemon include legends like Hoopa and Frogadier (or as he's known in Japanese, Gekogashira!).