Why did they disappear? We want them back! Introducing old schools sweets and snacks that have disappeared from the shelf.

Every child in Japan who lived through the 1980s remembers these classic "okashi" (snacks). Going to a "dagashi" store after school was a daily routine for most of us. We enjoyed tons of "okashi" and some of them are burned into our memory. So here we reminisce about those treats that once captivated our hearts, but which are now gone from store shelves.


This was a fluffy, airy chocolate with a cone-like outer shell. It's similar to Puku puku Tai.When it first came out, we were shocked by the unique concept and texture. This is the pioneer of airy chocolate in Japan.

Check out this retro commercial. The Noobo character kind of looks like a friendly Gudetama, doesn't he?

Candy in Gum

I'm dying to eat these right now. Back in the days, this was my favorite gum. Lemon, apple and plum were the three flavors they had, and inside each piece was a sour powder which, when you bit into it, had a crispy texture that I still remember like it was yesterday.

Here's a Commercial from 1983.

Suzuki Kun,Sato Kun Snack

via nazzooi.info

This snack is named after 2 of the most common family names found in Japan. At the time, there were a lot of snacks named after popular family names and people strived to find one that matched their own.

Watch an add for this treat.

Hanko Kudasai (Please Give Me Hanko)

"Hanko" is the Japanese word for a stamp featuring your family name used in Japan when setting up a bank account, applying for an iPhone, signing a job contract and so on.We use "Hanko" instead of signing signature. This sweet is a Hanko-themed chocolate with a stick. Kind of like the mushroom chocolate from Meiji you can buy today.

Check out the CM.


OMG! If I could choose one snack from this list to reproduce no, it would be this one.It's a crunchy, hollow stick topped with chocolate and almond chips. Tsukunko is a motif of horsetail. This snack was amazingly good. I always chose this over Chocoroom and Chococone, so I can't believe this has disappeared.


Kamimahenka, or simply translated as "let's chew." This gum came in three flavors, and if you chewed all of them together it would taste like either strawberry, cola, yogurt or apple.
May not be a new concept now, but it was fresh back in the day.

Plus they had a funny add.

I will be stopping here for now, but I've realized there are so many more sweets that need to be introduced. Look out for more installments of this series soon!